Extending Holiday Greetings to Everyone

Hi everyone. I wanted to take a few moments and extend my holidays greetings to everyone visiting my site. Take some time to appreciate what you have and share with as many others as possible.

Music is everywhere, especially this special time of year. Whether it be a live concert, recording, video, or movie – find the classic holiday tune that suits your need. It is out there.

Personally, I like playing holiday classics this time of year. They never grow old. That includes, by the way, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – a tune that was written in the 1940’s. That classic tune received an Academy Award for the composers. It was written and performed as a fun and entertaining holiday piece. That’s it.

I think it’s a shame that modern society is judging and eliminating musical and/or entertainment history at such a rapid pace.

My philosophy…if you don’t like a tune….don’t listen to it, don’t buy it, just walk away and stop complaining. There are plenty who do like it.

OK, end of rant. Here’s hoping that this festive time of year finds you doing well.

AUTHOR NOTE: Marie B, also known as Marie Buckner, is a classically-trained flutist with over 50 years of entertaining experience. Her repertoire includes many genres to suit any need or occasion. Contact her for your next event.

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