About Me

For a little background information about me:
I started playing a musical instrument (flutophone..aka the “recorder”) in 2nd grade. Learned to coordinate flute technique with music reading to prepare me for my “real” instrument, which I got in 4th grade. I still remember every other band member making all kinds of sounds with their newly-acquired instruments, except for us flutists.

You can’t just blow into a flute, you know. We each needed a tutor to help us develop our embouchure. We needed to learn how to form our mouth facial/mouth muscles to get a sound.

We also needed assistance in learning how to properly hold the instrument for optimal playing performance. The flute is an intricate instrument to play. I am priviledged to play it.

Member of symphony, pep, concert and marching bands throughout life. Currently entertain as a soloist to share the joy of music. I also belong to a community orchestra and summer band. Going from classical to patriotic tunes is quite enlightening and fun. 🙂

My musical influences include:
First of all, my great grandfather Bunky. He was a mean harmonica player. I fondly remember my family and I gathering together to listen to him play.

I marveled at how he could play an instrument and bring such joy to others. Plus, he had a twinkle in his eye while playing that was just fun to see. That is my earliest memory of music exposure.

Others include:
Band Directors: Mr. Ericson (elementary) and Mr. Kitzman (junior high). Their emphasis on practice, discipline, determination, and technicality paved the way for a lifetime of music

More: Doc Severinson (first live concert I attended in junior high), Mitch Miller, Burl Ives, Mozart, Brahms, Bach, Mario Lopez, Roger Miller, Soupy Shuffle (:)), John Philip Sousa, and DeBussy.

And…Rossini (William Tell Overture), college fight songs, Irving Berlin, George M Cohan, British Invasion (I am one of the fortunate ones to watch the Ed Sullivan Show when the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and other performers first appeared.)

Popeye cartoons introducing me to Sailor’s Hornpipe, Emmigrant’s Reel, and other similar genre tunes.
Warner Brothers cartoons..exposing children to classical music.

That’s all about me for right now. More upcoming…