Checking Out Local Wedding Scene

Checking Out Local Wedding Scene at Kitsap Fairgrounds. So many wonderful vendors eager to share services with brides, grooms, and all interested parties. A great way to learn about wedding entertainment options.

The Fashion Show was particularly fun and informative. The vendors offered a variety of amenities, all booths were staffed by knowledgeable owners/employees.

A fun time was had by all.

Fashion Show

Hot Air Balloon Vendor..Morning Star Balloon Co.

Extending Holiday Greetings to Everyone

Hi everyone. I wanted to take a few moments and extend my holidays greetings to everyone visiting my site. Take some time to appreciate what you have and share with as many others as possible.

Music is everywhere, especially this special time of year. Whether it be a live concert, recording, video, or movie – find the classic holiday tune that suits your need. It is out there.

Personally, I like playing holiday classics this time of year. They never grow old. That includes, by the way, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – a tune that was written in the 1940’s. That classic tune received an Academy Award for the composers. It was written and performed as a fun and entertaining holiday piece. That’s it.

I think it’s a shame that modern society is judging and eliminating musical and/or entertainment history at such a rapid pace.

My philosophy…if you don’t like a tune….don’t listen to it, don’t buy it, just walk away and stop complaining. There are plenty who do like it.

OK, end of rant. Here’s hoping that this festive time of year finds you doing well.

AUTHOR NOTE: Marie B, also known as Marie Buckner, is a classically-trained flutist with over 50 years of entertaining experience. Her repertoire includes many genres to suit any need or occasion. Contact her for your next event.

Updating Marie B, Flutist website

Hi everyone. I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of you for your patience during this updating Marie B, Flutist website time. It is taking longer than I thought.

I am doing my best to have this task finished as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to browse around my website. Listen to some music clips, contact me for performance needs, and/or read about different topics.

I will keep you posted when updating is finished. Once again, please be patient with my updating Marie B, Flutist website process.

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Marie Buckner owns and operates this site. She is a classically-trained musician/flutist with over 50 years of performance experience. She enjoys introducing others to the joys of the flute.

She is available for your live entertainment needs. Weddings, birthdays, retirements, private occasions, corporate celebrations, etc.

Musician Stretching Exercises

Hi everyone. Well, the July 4th festivities are over and it’s time to start practicing for upcoming gigs. It’s also time to remember the importance of taking care of our livelihood – our hands. Here are some stretching exercises that I find helpful. See if they help you…

Prayer stretch.
Simply place your hands together as if you’re praying.
Gently press your right hand toward the left, stretching out your left tendons. Hold for five seconds. Gently return to original position.

Repeat this exercise by pressing your left hand toward the right, stretching out your right-hand/arm tendons.

Finger stretches.
Gently stretch each finger individually until you feel a noticeable stretch. Do this by taking the opposite hand fingers to pull back on the finger tip(s). Hold for five seconds.

Also try doing all fingers at once. Put the fingers of your one hand over the tips of your opposite hand. Gently apply pressure, pulling your opposite-hand fingers towards you. Do this until you feel a stretch in your wrist area.

Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by keeping your fingers, wrists, palms, and lower arms fluid. It only takes a few minutes and will do wonders.

This involves simply tightening your hands into a fist.
Then, open your hands and stretch your fingers as far as possible.
Do this five times.

More upcoming….

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