Music Clips

Here are some music clips for you to enjoy…

Titled ‘Merry Go Round of Life’, here is the theme song of Howl’s Moving Castle:

This song titled Ecossaise by Beethoven almost plays itself. Enjoy:

Maries Flute on Soundcloud

Blessed Are They

Live performance video of God Bless America, complete with audience participation..:) :

Enjoy this clip of Rondeau, also known as the Masterpiece Theatre theme.

Here is a favorite spiritual tune titled Domine Deus by Antonio Vivaldi:

Johann Sebastian Bach has composed many wonderful minuets. Kindly enjoy this one:

Christmas Carols are internationally popular. Here is a classic Traditional Czech song titled “Zezulka z Lesa Vylitla..translated: “From Out The Forest A Cuckoo Flew”. Enjoy…